Asking and Giving Recommendations : Pengertian, Contoh Expressions dan Contoh Dialog

 A. Pengertian Asking and Giving Recommendation

Dear online learners! In our daily life , we often find some problem and obstacles. In some situation we can solve our problem and our obstacles by ourselves. We can handle it as well as possible without any helping from other people. Everything is running well and getting better from time to time and from years to years.

In another time, we also should remember one wise word that stated” not all dream comes true”. This special words meant that although we have prepared something as well as possible but sometimes the result is under our expectation. The results of our struggling is disappointed. In this situation, we feel unhappy and very upset. 

If you were in this situation you don’t need to be worried because there is also wise word saying “ if plan A doesn’t work well, you don’t need to be worried because there are still 25 five alphabets”. If you can’t solve your problem by your self, you can still  ask someone to solve your problem and to give some recommendation about your problem appear. 

The way give recommendation and the way to ask the recommendation is our concerned in this material of asking and giving recommendation. The examples of questions appeared are : Have you ever wanted to recommend a person, their services or even a good restaurant to someone else but didn’t know how to do it? Have you ever wanted someone to recommend you to others? Maybe you have a special skill that you’d like others to know about. You might have heard about a position, but need someone to recommend you in order to apply. Perhaps you just want to share some useful information with others and want them to know how much you liked it. All of these situations require us to give or ask for recommendations. Below you’ll find some examples of how to do this.

B. Expressions for asking recommendations

• What should I do to know the best restaurant in this city?

• Do you have any recommendation to overcome this complicated situation?

• How should I apologize him?

• Is there any idea of the place for our discussion tomorrow?

• Could you put in a good word for me?

• Could you let others know about this experience?

• Could you pass this on to others?

• Would you mind sharing your experience?

• Would you add me to your contact list?

• Would you please give me win-win solution of this war opinion?

• Would you mind giving me the best example of this wrong mindset?

C. Expressions for Giving recommendations

• You may take this way if you want to avoid this obstacles.

• I think you have to confirm it first before you announce this bad news.

• What if you follow the instruction as well as possible.

• I recommend Labuhan Bajo for your honey moon this coming December.

• I highly recommend using this product / service.

• This person is highly trained / very skilled / very professional.

• We found the information presented very useful.

• I only have positive things to say about this product / this person / this service.

• I would be happy to give you their contact information.

• Please mention my name when you contact them.

• Here is some tips to help your diet programs.

• Keep struggling and never say give up to do better things in your life.

D. Some examples of asking and giving recommendations!

1. Employee / colleague asking for a reference:

I am writing to you since we have worked on many projects together. You always seem very pleased with my ideas and the way that I deal with problems that come up, so I would like to ask you to share this information with a potential new supervisor. As you know, I am applying for a position in the [name] department and I need a recommendation from someone who has worked with me. Would you put in a good word for me?

2. Response to the request:

You are right, I am very satisfied with the work that you have done in the past. I’d be happy to act as a reference for you since I think that the [name] department would also benefit from your skills. If they contact me, I’ll definitely pass your name on as a potential candidate.

3. Possible reference statement:

I would be happy to recommend [name] for the position you are trying to fill. [He / she] is very highly qualified and has always successfully dealt with the topics we have worked on together in the past. I only have positive things to say about [him/ her]. Please mention my name to them if you decide to shortlist them for an interview.

Now that you have some ideas about how to ask for and give recommendations, why not try it out by asking a colleague for feedback on a presentation or a project you have recently completed?

Maybe you can do someone a favour by recommending them to others. Or perhaps you want to let us know what you think of the information presented in our blog? Please feel free to use our comments box below.

E. Contoh dialog  asking and giving recommendation

John and Mary is good friend. In some situation they can help each other. Not only discussing some lesson but also planning some program in any events.

Mary  : Hi John, nice to meet you again. Do you have any planning this coming Saturday?

John  :  Hi, Mary. Nice to see too.  I do not think I have any events this coming Saturday. What is wrong Mary?

Mary  :’s good news. What about we are going to the beach on Saturday afternoon. Do you mind if we are going there?

John  : I am very sorry, Mary. I think that's a bad idea. Some days the weather  is very bad , certainly on the beach will also be very hot. It can be danger for us”. 

Mary  : Ohh, I see. I really agree with you. Do you have any recommendations about other places?

John  : Of course Mary. I always have brilliant idea for my best friend. How about we go to cinema at Mall Ciputra Seraya? There is new film release there?.

Mary  : It’s dood idea John. What is that new film release?

John  :  It’s about a adventuring film. The story is about Atlantic Ocean. The ocean that has been disappeared from this world.

Mary  : Good. I like Film genre of Adventuring film .

John  : Okay Mary. What time we will go there?

Mary  : You set the time and I am with you.

John  : Good idea. I will pick you up at 16.30 because the film will be started at 17.30. We need 45 minutes to arrive there..

Mary  : All right, John. I am going to wait you.

John  : See you on Saturday Mary.

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