50 Contoh Soal Objective Introducing Ourselves

Questions 1-2 refer to the following conversation

Adam     : Good afternoon, mom. I have new friend in my math class.  She is graceful and smart. 

Mother   : Good afternoon, my son. Who is she? And where does she live?

Adam     : Well, Mom. She is my classmate. Her name is Marilia Sasa. She lives  at Thamrin Street Number 4, Pekanbaru. Marilia, this is my mother.

Marilia  : Nice to meet you, mom.

Mother   : Nice to meet you too, Marta.

Adam     : Alright, lets’ have lunch together to celebrate this happy day.

1. Who is being introduced?

a. His mother

b. Marilia’s mother.

c. Marilia Sasa

d. Adam’s mother

e. Adam friend

2.How is  their feeling after their lunch finish? ?

a. They are probably  very happy

b. They are probably have  some problem

c. They are probably more closed each other

d. They are probably spend their time until evening

e. They are probably very enjoying their lunch.

Questions 3-5 refer to the following conversation!

Raditya    : Excuse me, Miss. If I am not mistaken. I don’t think we have met before, Carolina  Margareta. 

Carolina   :Yeahh, That’s true. This the first time we meet each other I am saying . Hello. I’m Carol. I am your new neighbor in our cluster regency in this city. 

Raditya    :What a surprise! Oh really?. You move to the house next to me, aren't you? 

Carolina   : Yes it is. Please come to my house this afternoon. I baked some cookies, boiled some chicken soup and making a little bit roasted beef. 

Raditya    : Whoa, it’s very interesting. By the way, do you have something like a party?

Carolina   : No, this only my previous planning when I was living in the other city. I planned when I have  a new house in this place I will invite my families and also my neighbors to have a small party as well. 

Raditya    : Alright, Carol. Thank you for the invitation. I will come to your house tonight.

Carolina   : Thank you very much Raditya. It’s really meaningful for me.

Raditya    : Sure! Thanks. Carol. Nice to know you Carol. See you soon 

Carolina   : Nice to know you too Raditya. Keeping in touch. Thank you.

3. Who is being invitated?

a. Carolina

b. Carolina’s friend

c. Raditya’s friend

d. Raditya

e. Their friend.

4. What is Carolina planning before moving to the new cluster regency?

a. Making kind of small party in the new cluster regency.

b. Inviting his friend when she has a new house in the cluster regency.

c. Having dinner with their boy friend

d. Baked some cookies, boiled some chicken soup and making a little bit roasted beef. 

e. Having a small party for his family and neighbors. 

5. How is their feeling?

a. They are enthusiasm about the program.

b. They are lack of intention

c. They are very worried

d. They are a little bit happy

e. They are respectful each other

Questions 6-8 refer to the following text!

A: Hello. I’m Tina.

B: Hi Tina. I’m Bryan. (They hold out hand to shake each other.)

A: Nice to meet you Bryan. Where are you from?

B: I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. And you?

A: I’m from Bahrain. I live in a small town near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

B: Bahrain. Wow. It’s the interesting place in the Northern East. I’ve always wanted to go there. How long have you been in Bahrain?

A: I just arrived this week. It’s my first day of school .

B: Really? I think you’ll love Manama City in Bahrain. It’s not too hot and not too cold.

A : Thank you very much for your attention Bryan.

6. Who is Tina?

a. Tina is a student in Bahrain.

b. Tina is a girl from Bahrain.

c. Tina is Bryan’s friend.

d. Tina is a girl from Jakarta.

e. Tina is Vancouver girl in Bahrain

7. What is the synonym of Northern?

a. Boreal

b. North Arctic

c. South East

d. North

e. South West

8. What is the feeling of Bryan about Bahrain?

a. He is very enjoying Bahrain.

b. He is very impressed of Bahrain.

c. He is very happy of living in Bahrain.

d. He has always wanted to go to Bahrain.

e. He is very interested in Bahrain.

The following text is used to answer questions 9-10!

There are a large number of people in Hotel Armico. They are-attending-the opening ceremony of One-Day Seminar on Business. They are now at the meeting room. The man at the podium is the president of the seminar. His name is Mr Doni Juanda. He is from Bandung. The people beside him are the main speakers who would like to make a speech in the seminar.

At first Mr. Doni says: Ladies and Gentlemen, well, to shorten the time allow me here to introduce on my right is Mr. Dadi Permadi, he is an expert in economics, from Jakarta. On my left is Mr. Darmawan, he is an economics lecturer at the STIE Bandung. From the far right is Mr Sumantri, he is a skillful and successful-businessman in Indonesia, and from the far letf is Mrs. Susilawati she is a com­pany director of PT HUTAMA DORAYA in Surabaya. They are all qualified speakers and good at business.

All of the participants are on their seats. Mrs. Lusi is among them. Her seat is in front of the po­dium. On her right side is Mr. Surya. He is from Solo. All the people are silent. They are paying at­tention to the speakers concentratedly.

9. What sort of ceremony are they attending?

a. Special meeting

b. General meeting

c. Successful businessman

d. One Day Seminar on Business

e. Flag ceremony

10. The text tells us that the man at the podium is

a. the committee of the seminar

b. the expert of economics

c. the president of the seminar

d. the participants of the meeting

e. the speakers of the meeting

11. The main idea of the second paragraph is....

a. an expert in business

b. introducing oneself

c. introducing other people

d. qualified speakers

e. ladies and gentlemen

12 He is from Bandung (paragraph 1, line 6). The underlined words here refers to ....

a. Mr. Darmawan        

b. Mr. Sumantry          

c. Mr. Dadi

d. Mr. Dadi

e. Mr. Doni

13. In accordance with the text above Mr. Dadi is an ... in economics.

a. applicant    

b. costumer

c. user

d. lecturer

e. expert

14. They are all qualified speakers and good at busi­ness.

The " qualified sepeker"  word means ....

a. being equipped by training

b. be equipped

c. be qualmed

d. be supplied

e. be applied

15. Monik is a new member of Rotary Club. She introduces herself.

    Monik : Ladies and gentlemen, ....

a. allow me to introduce myself

b. I am happy to meet you

c. It is okay to see you

d. let me introduce you to the audience

e. may I introduce you to the audience

16. Isti wants to introduce Fina to her brother.

    Isti  :  Fina, this is may brother, Anton, and Anton this is Fina.

    Anton to Fina :....

a. How is he

b. How is your brother

c. Are you ready

d. It is nothing at all

e. Hi, nice to meet you.

17. Choose the correct option to complete the following conversation !

Anton    :  Hi. Can I give you a hand?

Luigi    :  Oh, thanks.

Anton    :  By the way, I am Anton Kuswara. I am in Apart­ment 204

Luigi    :  Oh? Now (18). I …………... into 208. My name is Meti.

a. move

b. moves   

c. am moving

d. am moved

e. has moved

19. The synonym of Can I give you a hand is......

a. Let me you know!

b. Would you tell me, please!

c. May I ask you questions?

d. What can you do for me?

e. Can I help you?

20.  The people in the dialogue ... each other.

a.  are shaking hands

b.  is introducing

c.  are introduced

d.  are introducing

e.  is waving hands

21.  You give personal information when you tell people about yourself such as ....

a. an account, shopping, attendance.

b. registering, booking, meeting, and holding

c. interview, views, course, and others.

d. address, completion, form, writing, and friend.

e. name, occupation, address, place of origin, and sometime hobbies

22. Good morning. I am Handi Suhanda, Please call me Andi. I am an entrepreneur. I live with my family in Bandung. My phone number is 2948320. I like reading books very much.

The statements above describe....

a. reporting news

b. inviting people

c. introducing other people

d. asking the name

e. introducing oneself

23.  X    :  When you meet people for the first time,what do you usually tell them your- self?

     Y    :  …….......

a. How are you?

b. How are things with you?

c. How do you do?

d. Please call me

e. Nice to meet you

24. Good morning. I would like to introduce; my-self. My name is Deri. I am a student. I live, on Jln. Suniaraja in Bandung Just m case you want to call me, my phone number is 798320.

   The above statements describe a ….

a. leave-taking

b. Meetings and greetings

c. introducing others

d. informal introduction

e. formal introduction                                                                                      

25.  Ina    :  "Meti, this is my, brother. Santo"

     Meti   :  " .... "

     Santo  :  I am glad to see you, too

a. Hello. How are you Santo?

b. Hi. My name is Meti.

c. Hello. How do you do Santo?

d. Hi. Santo. I am glad to see you,

e. Santo. I don't think we've met before

26.  Mr Handi :  Miss Rina, I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Dudi.

     Miss Rina:  How do you do?

     Miss Rina:  I have heard so much about you.

     Mr Dudi  :  How do you do?

The synonym of Heard means.............

a. acquaint

b. act                                                                                     

c. bake

d. delay

e. demand

27.  A     :  Hi, how do you do?

     B     :  …..

a. How are you  

b. I'm fine         

c. How do you do?

d. Very well

e. It's Ok

28.  Yenny  and her sister, Diana, were walking in front of bookshop when Tom , Yenny's friend, come. Yenny  introduced Tom to Diana.

     Yenny : …………    

       Tom : y How do you do. Pleased to meet you. Tanti : How do you do.

a. How are you?

b. Tom  is my friend, Diana.

c. I beg you pardon.

d. How, this things.Tom?

29. Shakira   : Good morning, Ladies and gentlemen..................

a. Allow me to introduce myself.

b. I am happy to meet you.                     

c. Let me introduce you to the audiences.

d. May I introduce you to the audiences.

e. Nice to meet you

30.  Marilia and Marta were at a party. There were a lot of guests there that they didn’t know.

     Marilia  :  Excuse me, everyone! My name is Marilia and this is my friend Marta..

     Guest    : Hello, Marillia and Marta. I’m Luigi Wolf . How do you do?

     Marilia  :...........................

a. Nice to see you.

b. How do you do?

c. Fine, thanks

d. I’m glad to know you.

e. Good bye

31. Lianda          : Khana, this is my new friend, his name is Ernanda Dika. He is a company director.

     Khana             : Hi Ernanda Dika.

    Ernanda Dika : Hello, Khana................? Nice to meet you.

    Khana             : Everything is alright, Nice to meet you, too.

a. How are things with you

b. What are you.

c. May I help you

d. How are you

e. How do you do

32. Marta Han        :  Hello, Mr. Eddie, ………. my father.

      Mr. Eddie      :  How do you do, Mr. Tom Hank .

     Mr. Tom Hank    :  How do you do, Mr. Kevin.

a. I’d like to introduce

b. I want to invite

c. I like you to visit

d. I’m glad to help

e. I want to go

33. Carolina     : Good morning Jimmy! This is Mrs. Saraswati, an old friend of mine.

      Jimmy Son  :  ……………..

a. Pleased to meet you

b. How are you getting on?

c. May I know your name

d. You’re welcome

e. What’s the news?

34. Ratu   :  Deti, .........................

      Deti :  Pleased to meet you.

      Iman :  Pleased to meet you too.

a. Iman wants to meet you

b. Don’t you Iman is my friend

c. I’d like you to meet my friend

d. Please introduce yourself to Iman

e. Iman wants to leave you now

35. A :  ………. , My name is Catherine Wilson.

    B : Hello. I’m  Andy  Cow. Pleased to meet you.

a. Do you know my name

b. I don’t think we have met

c. I’m very happy to meet you

d. Do you want to know me

e. Do you love me

36. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce my self. ………. I am a medical faculty of Padjajaran University in West Java.

a.  I am Bryan Deepest from Bandung. 

b. I want you to call me Bryan Deepest from Bandung.

c. Call me Bryan Deepest from Bandung.

d. Bryan Deepest  is good name, isn’t it.

e. Bryan Deepest  is my friend.

37.  X : How do you do? It’s nice to meet you.

     Y :  ……………………

a.  Me too

b. I should be nice

c. Do you?

d. Am I nice

e. How do you do? Nice to meet you too.

Questions 38-39 refer to the following text!

Mr. Ahmad      : Good afternoon, sir. May I introduce myself? My name is Ahmad. I am a technician of PT. Automobile Assembling Industry Co.Ltd.

The secretary  : Please sit down, what can I do for you, sir?

Mr. Ahmad      : I want to see Mr Rahmat, the me­chanic in the workshop. Is he in today?

The secretary  : I am sorry, sir. But Mr Rahmat isn't in today.

Mr Ahmad       : I see. Never mind, sir. Goodbye. The secretary: Good bye:

38.     The people in the dialogue are talking about ....

a.     a technician of PT Automobile

b.     a way of greetings

c.     Mr Ahmad and the secretary

d.     Mr. Rahmat is in today

e.     Mr. Rahmat's attendance

39.     We use the italicized words to express an....

a.     greeting

b.     advice

c.     introduction oneself

d.     complaint

e.     introductoion others

The following text is for questions 40-42! 

Deni       :  Hello, Ahmad.

Ahmad  :  Hi, Deni. Nice to see you.

Deni      :  Nice to see you, too. How are you?

Ahmad  :  Fine, thank you. And you?

Deni      :  I am quite well, thanks.

Ahmad  :  may I introduce my friends? This is Nani. This is Tono and that is is Nana.

Ahmad  :  How do you do everybody? Glad to meet you. Nani, Tono and

Nana   :  How do you do Ahmad?. Glad to meet you, too.

Ahmad  :  Are you all students?

Nani   :  Yes, we are.

Ahmad  :  I am sorry, friends. I am in a hurry…

Deni   :  Oh! Are you? See you again some-time. Goodbye, Ahmad.

Ahmad  :  Good bye, everybody. Glad to have met you.

40 The synonym of quite well ia....

a. an advice

b. an introduction people

c. an introduction myself

d. a formal greeting

e. a complaint

41.How do you do, everybody?

The synonym of everybody is..........

a. Ahmad

b. Deni

c. Tono

d. Tono and Deni

e. Nani, Nana, and Tono

42. What do Nani, Tono, and Nana answer to Ahmad's expressions.

a. How are you?

b. How do you do?

c. What is your name?

d. You're welcome

e. May I introduce myself?

43 Jack      :  Rita, ...

  Rita       :  I am delighted to meet you.

   Doni      :  I am delighted to meet you, too.

a. Doni is my friend

b. Doni wants to meet you

c. Don't you know Doni is my friend

d. Please introduce yourself

e. I'd like you to meet my friend, Doni.

44. Surya    :  Lusi, this is my new friend, his name is Doni. He is a company director.

    Lusi     :  Hi Doni.

    Doni     :  Hello, Lusi_____? Nice to meet you.

    Lusi     :  How do you do, Nice to meet you, too.

a. How are things with you

b. What are you.

c. May I help you

d. How are you

e. How do you do

45. Marjan : “Nice to meet you”

     Nunus : “ ... “

a. Good morning

b. How are you

c. How do you do

d. Nice to meet you, too

e. Nice see you again

46. Holmes : “ ... ?”

    Darrel : “I am very well, thanks.”

a. How are you

b. Good morning

c. Nice to meet you

d. What is your name

e. What are you doing

47. Clara : ”... are you from?

    Daffa : “I am from Bogor.”

a. How

b. What

c. When

d. Where

e. Why

48. Ryan :  “Bye-bye, Dea”

   Rifan : “ ... “

a. Good morning

b. See you later

c. I am fine

d. Thank you

e. Good bye

Text for number 49-50!

Ladies and Gentleman! On this occasion, let me introduce myself. My name is Clara Tamara Seedorf. People like to call me Clara. I am the oldest in my family. I am 17 I am years old. I am a student of SMA Nusantara V Pekanbaru, Riau. Thank you.

49. The girl in that text is ...

a. Drawing

b. Studying

c. Travelling

d. Adventuring

c. Introducing

50. The girl nick name is ...

a. Clara Seedorf

b. Seedorf

c. Clara

d. Clara Tamara Seedorf

e. Tamara


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