50 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Ujian Sekolah Part 1


For each questions, you will see a picture in your test book and four short statements that best describe that you see in the picture!

Questions 1-3 based on the pictures given!

1. Look at the picture below!

a. The marines are standing up on the submarine.

b. The submarine is ready to face war.

c. The heavy weapon  is ready to be stripped

d. The submarine is under construction

2. Look at the picture below!

a. The fish is  ready to be exported

b. The fish is going to be developed by fisherman 

c. The fish is taken from the ponds

d. The fish is sold in the traditional market

3. Look at the picture below!

a. They are clapping their hands

b. They are saying something.

c. They are shaking hands

d. They are standing in front of the office

Question 4-7 refers to the following questions!

4. Man      : Hi, Luigi how is everything with you?

  Woman   :……………………………………………………….

a. I am reading a book.

b. I am listening to the radio

c. I am very well thank you.

d. I am not doing anything now

5.  Woman  : Do you mind helping me to write down this letter?

     Man       :………………………………………………

a. Yes, life will be better than today

b. Helping you is not useful for me.

c. Of course, not. I’ll do with my pleasure

d. Yes, I mind

6. Man : Do you know, how far is your house  to the bus station?

  Woman : …………………………..

a. Not too far, it’s only five hundred meters

b. The furthest dorm is five kilometers from here.

c. Mike is one hundred kilogram

d. Only fifteen minutes from my house.

7.Woman : John, how is the simple way to get to the air port?

    Man : ………………………..

a. You can do your assignment well

b. You can come to the rent car office.

c. Taking a taxi is the best solution

d. The airport is not from the main street.

8. Woman   : What did you do last vacation?.

   Man         : I spent my vacation by visiting some tourism objects with my family.

   What was the man activity in last vacation?

a. reading

b. working

c. sleeping

d. traveling

9. Man : Ms. Carolina, let me introduce you to Mr. Hardono of Hatchery Department. Mr.   Hardono,  this  is  Miss. Carolina my  Marketing  Manager!

 Woman : How do you do Mr. Handono? It’s very nice to meet you.

Who is Marketing Manager?

a. Miss Carolina

b. Miss Carolina’s boss

c. Mr.Handono

d. Mr.Handono’s staff

10. Woman   : What are you doing to do after finish from Vocational of Fishery High School?

    Man     : I am going to  seek the job in export import of fishery company.

    What’s man planning?

a. Go to University

b. Find a job

c. Taking course

d. Jobless

11. Man : Lisa, I have to go to Jakarta tomorrow morning! My boss sends me to be managing director there.

Woman : It sounds great and good news!

What is the first impression of the woman about the news?

a. She is doubtful

b. She is happy

c. She is open minded

d. She is under estimate

Question number 12-13  refers to the following short talk!

12. What does this job involve?

a. Making a TV commercials

b. Discovering what consumers like

c. Advertising products

d. Testing products

13.Who will use the reports the specialists write?

a. The consumers

b. The Television Station

c. The manufacturers

d. The TV-advertising Company.

Question number 14-15 refers to the following short talk!

14.  Which one doesn’t belong to the factors that can cause migraine?

a. Menstrual cycles. 

b. Weather changes 

c. Life style 

d. stress

15. Which items can stimulate migraines?

a. Milk, sugar, butter and old cheese.

b. Citrus fruits, banana, peanut and grape.

c. Yogurt, caffeine, chocolate and cheese.

d. Bread, onions, candy and salad.

Questions 16 -30 are incomplete dialogues. Four choices marked A, B, C, D are given beneath each dialogue.

You have to choose the one that best completes the dialogue.

16. Togar : Hi, Sangkot! how tall are you?

  Sangkot          : Hi, Michael I am 164 centimeters tall..and how about you?

    Togar           : I am 172 centimeters tall. It means I am………………than you, Michelle.

a. Taller     

b. The tallest 

c. Shorter    

d. the shortest    

17.Tom : Luigi, would you mind…………to the post office!

Luigi : Sure, with my pleasure! What business there?

   Tom : I want to send my letter for my parent.

a. Delivered  

b. Delivers    

c. Deliver   

d. Delivering  

18. Eddie : Mr. Dedi, do you how much is the ticket price to Jakarta from Dumai?

    Dedi : Well, if you fly with Lion Air it will be Rp.670.000,00 but if you choose to fly with Batavia                     Air it will be Rp.730.000,00

    Eddie : I see, it means Batavia Air Ticket is…………………..Lion Air.

a. The most expensive in

b. More expensive than

c. Expensive than

d. Cheaper than

19. Susi        : Hi, Ade! Don’t you that I am is 67 kilograms, while you are 54   kilograms.

    Ade : Wow, it is surprising me. I feel they have the same weight.

    Susi : No, I am…………………..than you.

a. Is heavier

b. The heaviest

c. More heavy

d. The most heavy

20.  Imanda     : Hello…Jemen.! I just know that Mr.Baboes was born in 1979 and Mr.Dedi was born in 1980.

     Jemen    : How is about Mr.Hery?

     Imanda : If I am not mistaken, he was born in 1974.

     Jemen         : So……..

a. Mr.Dedi is older than Mr.Baboes

b. Mr.Baboes is older than Mr.Heri

c. Mr.Dedi is the oldest of all

d. Mr.Heri is the oldest of all

21.   Suharyono : Tarmizi, what time Mr.Eddie will go to the bus station?

       Tarmizi : I am sorry, I don’t exactly.

      Suharyono : If Mr. Eddie leaves at 2:00, she …. at the station on time.

a. would have arrived 

b. will arrive 

c. Arrived

d. would arrive

22.  Teacher : Jean, if yesterday was Thursday. What the day is after tomorrow?

       Jean : Of course………………………….

       Teacher : Nice answer Jean! Congratulation.

a. The day after tomorrow is Monday

b. The day after tomorrow is Sunday

c. The day after tomorrow is Friday

d. The day after tomorrow is Saturday

23. Mr.Rudy     : Ms, Rury! How long have you been teaching in Vocational of Fishery High  School?

    Ms.Rury : I …………in Vocational of Fishery High School……one year.

a. Have been taught------for

b. Has teaching-------since

c. Had been taught------for

d. Have been teaching-----for

24. Look at the sign below!

Visitor : Pardon me! What does that sign mean, Sir?

Guidance: It means………………………………

a. You are permitted to take the photograph.

b. You are asked to take the photograph.

c. You are allowed to take the photograph.

d. You are not permitted to take the photograph.

25. Mario    : I am sorry for uncomfortable response last night, Sheila! I……………….my favorite movie when you called me!

     Sheila  :  No, problem. I knew one of your hobby is watching cinema.

a. Am watching

b. watched

c. was watching

d. were watching

26. Mustari : I really enjoy………………,, because it can enlarge our knowledge!

      David     : Good News. Keep Spirit!

a. Do these exercise

b. Did these exercise

c. Done these exercise

d. Doing these exercise

27.  Man        :  Do you know the man? He is handling the tanker. It delivers LNG to Dumai?

     Woman      :  Of  course. I know the man…………e tanker which delivering LNG to Dumai.

a. Which is handling

b. Whom is handling

c. Who is handling

d. Whose is handling

28.  Receptionist : Aryaduta Hotel. Good morning. What can I do for you, Sir?

     Guest   : Yes, I want to confirm about the reservation of  single room for 25-27 March!

     Receptionist : Yes, Sir! It………..by Jimmy Lorenzo two days ago Sir.

a. Was booked

b. Is booked

c. Will be booked

d. Is being booked

  29. Director   : I want to remind you that If the delivery service is late. We…………the shipping charges.

      Secretary: So, we must ask our staffs to send these on time Sir!

a. paid

b. will pay

c. have paid

d. are paying 

30. Marta  : James, what do you think if we take these fishery project. While you know that our financial budget hasn’t getting better?

     James : We would have taken these project if we………….big capital Sir.

a. Have had

b. Had had

c. Had have

d. Had having

31. Hariati  : As the head of this team. You’re not only as guide of this meaningful comparative  study......... you must responsible for all accommodations needed there!

    Jemen    : Sure! I’ll do my best.

a. and also

b. but also

c. as well as

d. as consequently


32. Customer : Can you give better service than the previous company which sell the same products like yours.                                                                                                       

    Manager  : Our company is ....... than theirs in providing additional services after making a sale.

a. the most responsible

b. more responsible

c. very responsible

d. rather responsible 


33. Passenger : Where can I claim my briefcase which lost yesterday?

    Security  : The person....... lost a briefcase may claim it at the registration desk at lobby 

a. which

b. whom

c. where

d. who


34. Captain  : Why didn’t Mr. Burks accept the job offer as mechanical consolidated in this Tanker ship?

    Mechanic : Mr. Burks didn’t accept the job offer from mechanical consolidated........ the salary was too low.

a. altahough

b. as well as

c. because

d. even if


35. Visitor : Where can I see the amazing award? I am really curious!

   Receptionist  : Award which is given to the company is.........in the lobby right now!.

a. displayed.

b. been displayed

c. has been displayed.

d. being displayed.

Questions 36 -50 are based on a selection of reading materials. You have to choose the best answer a, b, c, or d to each question.

Questions 36-38 refer to the following index.

36. What is this index designed to show?

a. Number of calls received

b. Costumer call records

c. Types of information and services

d. Amount of costumer bill

37. What type of service is provided by the most lines?

a. Information about addresses

b. Areas of dispute

c. Updates on service options

d. Information about money and bills

38. Who would most likely use option 1?

a. New costumers

b. People with a complaint

c. People who have moved

d. Costumers with poor credit ratings

Questions 39-41 refers to the following chart!

39. How much percentage for Sales Manager to check Administrative duties?

a. 22%    

b. 8%     

c. 10 %     

d. 15%   

40. What task do sales managers spend the most time on?

a. Training salespeople

b. Performing administrative tasks

c. Reviewing sales records

d. Making sales assignments

41. How much of their time do sales managers spend with the technical staff?

a. 5%    

b. 8%   

c. 10%    

d. 15%    

Questions 42-44 refers to the following MEMO!

42.What does the new policy allow employees to do?

a. Take paid leave during pregnancy

b. Have more holidays

c. Get paid for volunteer work

d. Go home ear

43. How much time may an employee take under this program?

a. One hour per week

b. Three hours per week

c. Six hours per month

d. Eight hours per month

44.Which employees may participate in this program?

a. All employees whose supervisors let them

b. Part-time employees who have worked for six month

c. Full-time employees who have worked for one year

d. Employees who donate money to charitable organization

Question number 45-47 refers to the following hotel registration!

45. Why is this card used?

a. To register at a hotel

b. To reserve space at a convention

c. To receive messages

d. To check out

46. What kind of room has been requested?

a. A single room

b. A double room

c. A comfortable room

d. A quiet room

47. What will be added to the daily room rate?

a. A service fee

b. A reservation charge

c. Tips for the maid

d. Tax

Question number 48-50 refers to the following job vacancy!

48. Which segment the business is looking for a sales manager?

a. The office product division

b. The multinational company

c. The personal division

d. The overseas staff

49. What is the experience is required for the job?

a. Product development

b. Expanding sales

c. Ten years in office management

d. Research in the field

50. Where should applicants send their resumes?

a. To the company.

b. To the division manager

c. To the vice-president of sales

d. To the newspaper.

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