20 Jenis Olah Raga Permainan dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Contoh Kalimatnya

1. Football                           : Sepak Bola

   Sentence examples           : Many people in the world watch football every weekend

                                              Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best football player in the world.

2.Basketball                        : Bola Basket

  Sentences Example           : Basketball is more popular than football in The United State of America

                                              Yao Ming is the best basketball player in Asia.

3.Volleyball                        : Bola Voli

  Sentences Example           : Sabana Altynbekova is the best female volleyball player from                                                                     Kazakhstan.

                                               Volleyball game is very interesting sport for citizen in Indonesia.

4.Badminton                      : Bulu Tangkis

  Sentences Example          : Many people in Indonesia like to play badminton

                                             Many famous badminton players are from Indonesia.

5.Table Tennis                   : Tenis Meja

  Sentences Example          : Chen Meng is the best table tennis player from China

                                             Table tennis is a very skilful sport game  which need full concentration.

6.Tennis                             : Tenis

  Sentences Example          : Serena Williams is one of the best tennis player in the world.

                                             Let’s play tennis together!.

7.Billiards                           : Biliar

  Sentences Example           : Andi : “ Can you play billiards?

                                             Tom : “ Yes. But, Little bit only”.

8.Chess                                : Catur

  Sentences Example            : Marilia  :  ” If you are not so busy. Let’s play chess now!

                                               Marta    :  “ I’m sorry. I can’t

                                              Marilia  :  “ It’s ok. No problem”.

9.Futsal                                : Futsal

  Sentences Example             : Mary: “ Do you have time to watch futsal competition tonight?”

                                                John : “ Yes, I have”.

10.Golf                                 : Golf

  Sentences Example             : Tiger Wood is the best golf player in the United State of America.

                                                Many people believe that golf is expensive fport.

11.Hockey                           : Hoki

   Sentences Example          : Many people confuse how to play hockey well.

                                              Hockey is very popular sport in Malaysia.

12.Bowling                         : Bowling

   Sentences Example          : Many people believe that bowling is an exclusive sport.

                                              Let’s play bowling this weekend.

13.Water Polo Sport           : Polo Air

   Sentences Example          : The Indonesian men’s water polo team surprised many spectators.

                                              The player water polo sport must have ability to swim well.

14.Rugby                            : Rugbi

   Sentences Example          : Rugby is also very popular in Australia.

                                              People who play rugby should have good power and good energy.

15.Softball                           : Softball

   Sentences Example           : The miniature of softball in Indonesia is playing Kasti elementary                                                              students.

                                                Softball is very popular for university students in USA.

16.Squash                           : Skuas /Tenis Dinding

   Sentences Example         : Playing squash sometimes create good responsibility.

                                              Let’s play squash in that hall together.

17.Beach Volleyball           : Voli Pantai

   Sentences Example        : Beach Volleyball game consists of four players.

                                            Bali is the best place to hold the world beach volleyball competition.

18. Canoeing                      : Dayung

    Sentences Example        : Canoeing is the best sport to create our balancing.

                                             Indonesia’s Canoeing team got gold medal in Asian Games.

19. Sepak Takraw              : Sepak Takraw.

    Sentences Example        : Sepak Takraw is traditional sport which is popular amoung Asean                                                             Countries.

                                            Thailand Sepak Takraw team often got gold medal in Sea Games.

20. esports                          : Olah Raga Elektronik (Kompetisi Profesional video game).

   Sentences Example         : esports  create  new sport game for nowadays people in the world.

                                             Many gamers in Indonesia become esports players for Asian  Games.


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