Complimenting Others : Pengertian, Contoh Expressions, dan Contoh Dialognya

 A. Pengertian Complimenting

Dear online learners! Complimenting others adalah memberikan pujian kepada orang lain atas kelebihan yang dimilikinya,  capaian prestasi/kesuksesan/keberhasilan yang diperolehnya. Giving compliments to other people bukan bermaksud untuk mencari simpati dan maksud  tertentu dari orang yang dipujinya, melainkan ingin memberikan pujian yang benar-benar seusai dengan fakta dan kenyataan yang ada.

Selama ini, mungkin ada anggapan bahwa apabila kita memuji seseorang berarti karena ingin mengambil simpati, mencari muka, punya maksud tertentu dan lain sebagainya. Tetapi, giving compliments yang dipelajari dalam artikel ini adalah memuji seseorang (complimenting someone) berdasarkan rasa tulus dan ikhlas berdasarkan kelebihan dan keunggulan yang dimiliki seseorang.

Selain itu, dengan give compliments to someone berarti hal ini juga merupakan “give away” dan sekaligus special gift dari kita kepada orang lain. Begitu juga sebaliknya, compliments bagi yang menerimanya merupakan sebuah hadiah istimewa yang diterimanya. Sang penerima pujian pasti akan senang dan bahagia. Siapapun orangnya pasti akan senang dan bahagia apabila mendapat pujian selagi pujian tersebut sesuai dengan fakta dan kenyataan dan bukan karena mempunyai maksud lain.

Sama halnya dengan congratulating, maka giving compliments to other bukanlah hal sulit dan mahal. Semua orang dapat melakukannya kapanpun dan dimanapun. Giving compliments to others juga free of charge. Memberi pujian sangat penting bagi kita untuk menunjukkan empati dan dorongan agar seseorang menjadi lebih semangat dan berusaha lebih baik lagi.

Semua kita berhak mendapat compliments from someone. Dan semua kita juga sebaiknya saling memberikan pujian sehingga hidup ini akan terasa mempunyai makna karena kita sama-sama mewarnainya. Ada sharing dan caring  dan juga ada take and give sehingga our life is balance.

B. Waktu dan Situasi yang tepat untuk memberikan pujian ( appropriate time and situation to give compliments)

Dear online learners! Berikut Waktu dan situasi yang biasanya orang memberikan pujian (giving compliments) dan juga menerima pujian (accepting compliments).

1. General Situation,  like : Someone who showed good performance, fitting dress, good looking, nice smile, polite character, good character, wearing graceful dress, wearing matching dress, etc.

2. Special moments,  like: annual meeting, graduation celebration, farewell party, birthday party, new year, etc.

3. Good effort  in struggling and achieving something for their future like doing the test, doing something faster, carrier progress,  job position, job opportunity, catching something, hard working, etc.

4. Visiting new destination for the first time, finding something new, having something new, action plan, and so on. 

5. Surprising of someone’s new performance, someone’s life style, someone’s hobby, someone’s habits, someone’s attitude, and so on.

C. Expressions of Giving Compliments

1. You are very excellent to do this math test. Nothing is wrong!.

2. What beautiful you are with your new hair style!

3. How good you are!. Nobody cares about the poor man, but you helped him purely.

4. Your performance is perfect!. Many audiences gave you standing applause.

5. How graceful you are with your wedding dress!

6. What a nice scenery of West Sumatera!.

7. I think you are awesome!

8. It looks good on you.

9. You look beautiful today.

10.What a wonderful performance!

11.What a beautiful outfit you are wearing!

12.You look gorgeous of handling that project.

13.You're genius of doing this math quizzes.

14.You looks so prominent of wearing your new dress!

15.What a perfect artwork you made.

16.You're so inspiring about your paper writing.

17.You made an excellent point

18.Where did you learn that? It’s so good.

19.Your hair looks stunning!

20.Your performance is very perfect. Many audiences gave you standing applause.

21.Proud to you all guys. We got reward for our team match.

D. Responding Compliments/ Accepting Compliments

Here some expressions used to respond compliments which are given from other people:

1. Thank you very much for your attention!

2. It’s so nice to hear that.

3. It sounds great. Thank you very much.

4. I am pleased to hear that.

5. It’s really meaningful for me thank you.

6  Thanks. I appreciate it.

7. Thanks for your appreciation. I really proud of this

8. I'm so grateful to you

9. You are excellent too. We are pride together.

10.You are also the best. Thank you buddy!

E. Contoh Dialog Giving Compliments

Dialog 1

Tommy Han     : Hi, Jack . This morning,  I like the way you smile to others. You are so cheerful this morning today. Is there any something special?

Jack David        : Hi, Tom. You are right. I just received reply letter from export import trading company. A week ago, I sent an application letter to that companya. And this morning, I got good news, I just got hired by that export import company.

Tommy Han     : I am really happy to know that. That’s really remarkable! Congratulations! 

Jack David    :Thank you Tom. I still can’t believe that I finally get a job! So many times I made application letters to different company but finally this company gave positive responses for me.

Tommy Han     : You are very lucky Jack because you deserve it!. I know how you tried really hard to find a job before.

Jack David       : Thanks for your support before Tom.

Tommy Han     :  Don’t mention it. We are best friend since child right. By the way, we should celebrate it  even little bit.

Jack David        : You are right Tom. I am planning to treat you having lunch today. Do you mind eating lunch at Pizza Huts on Sudirman Street next to Marugame Udon restaurant.

Tommy Han      : Of course, I don’t mind Jack. What time should we go there?

Jack David        : How about 11.30? 

Tommy Han      : 12.15 would be better.

Jack David        : I am with you. Deal 12. 15. See you later.

Tommy Han      : See you.

Dialogue 2

Marta         : Good morning Carol. I just  heard that your brother, David scores the highest grades in Math Science competition in University of Riau.

Carol         : Yes, Marta . He did it perfectly.

Marta         : How excellent he is. So many participants and competitors who joined this competition but your brother won it.

Carol         : Thank you Marta. My brother, David prepared that competition very well. He always spend his special time to learn math everyday.

Marta         : We are so proud him because of his achievement.

Carol         : Yes, Marta. We are so proud of him.

Marta         : By the way, may I know how he does well at school? Do you hire a tutor for him as additional class?

Carol         : So, far not at all. But, I will plan to ask Math Science Olympic Coach to train him in order to increase his knowledge of Math Olympics. Before he, just loves studying Math. She even spends her leisure time to read. We can say that the library is his playground. He really diligent to study.

Marta         : He is so amazing and very fantastic! Carol, Please give and send  my warmest congratulations for him. Keep spirit and always keep struggling forever.

Carol         : Thank you very much Marta. Yes, I will.

Dialogue 3

Chef Juna       : Hi, Renata, can I have this special cake? 

Chef Renata   : Of course Juna. Please try it and give me feedback.

Chef Juna       : Wow, this is really tasty but rather spicy!Did you make it yourself?

Chef Renata   : Yes, I did Juna.

Chef Juna       : Renata, you really know how to make a cake. This is like coming straight from the cake shop near the subway. This is really good. 

Chef Renatar  : Well, thank you. I actually followed the recipe from this cooking book. I’m glad that it turns out delicious. 

Chef Juna       : Can I have another? 

Chef Renata   : Sure, you can have as many as you want. 

Chef Juna     : Thanks. You’re the best! 

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