Congratulating Others : Pengertian, Contoh Expressions dan Contoh Dialognya

A. Pengertian Congratulating 

Dear online learners! Congratulating adalah ucapan selamat kepada seseorang atas semua pencapaian keberhasilan, kesuksesan dan prestasi yang telah diraihnya karena usaha dan perjuangannya. Selain itu, congratulating juga biasanya diberikan kepada seseorang karena orang tersebut sedang berulang tahun (birthday), melangsungkan pernikahan (married), dan juga moment-moment istimewa lainnya.

Congratulating sebenarnya juga merupakan sebuah penghargaan yang kita berikan pada orang lain dihari bahagianya dan juga  atas segala prestasi yang diraihnya sehingga menjadi motivasi lagi buat seseorang untuk mempertahankan dan meningkatkannya.

Dear online learners! Memberikan ucapan selamat (giving congratulating) kepada seseorang bukanlah suatu pekerjaan yang sulit. Sangat mudah dilakukan dan free of charge. Dengan hanya mengucapkan : Congratulation for winning this  competition!,  Good luck for achievement this month! Happy Birthday, Happy Wedding, Happy Mother’s day, happy marriage anniversary, happy weekend dan lain-lain bukanlah pekerjaan berat dan semua orang pasti bisa melakukannya.  

Begitu juga sebaliknya, seseorang yang diberikan ucapan selamat (congratulating) tentu akan merasa senang dan bangga, apalagi ucapan tersebut berasal dari orang-orang yang terdekat dengannya. Jadi, dengan memberikan ucapan selamat (congratulating) berarti kita juga telah membuat seseorang senang dan bahagia.

Dear online learners! In this life we can do something easier and the impacts of our action is meaningful for other people. You don’t to spend anything life money or properties by saying congratulation you have made someone happy, cheerful, pride, and meaningful. So, don’t think too much. Let’s give congratulating to others  who are facing their  happy day, their achievement, their special moments, or their position. Easy, cheap and meaningful!

B. Expression of Congratulating

a. The expressions used to congratulate someone who has good achievement or progress are:. 

1. Good luck for winning the quiz!

2. I am very happy to hear that you are the winner of the race.

3. I am glad to say congratulation for your position right now.

4. I am pleased to hear that you are very good in that test.

5. Congratulation! You are better than us for this semester test.

6. I would be the first person to congratulate you on your new job right now!

7. I would like to congratulate you on your successful project.

8. Please accept my warmest congratulations.

9. May I congratulate you for …..

10.It was great to hear about ...

11.Let me congratulate you


13.You must be very happy with your achievement.

14.I'd like to congratulate you on your accomplishment!

15.I must congratulate you on your success!

b. Expressions used for special day/moments.

1. Have a nice day!

2. Happy Weekend

3. Happy Birthday!

4. Merry Christmas!

5. Happy New Year

6. Happy Easter!

7. Happy Anniversary!

8. Happy Eid Mubarak

9. Happy Iftar Dinner

10.Enjoy Iftar Dinner

c. Informal Expression of congratulating.

1. Proud as a part of this happy moments!

2. I’m glad to join this memorable moment!

3. I’m pleased to be a part of this company anniversary

4. It’s very amazing

5. I'm very happy of you.

6. I'm proud of you!

7. Good for you

8. Well done!

9. Fantastic job!

10.Good job!

C. Responding Congratulating 

Dear online learners! After someone give congratulating to you. There are several ways to responds, they are:

1. Thank you very much.

2. Thank you so much

3. It sounds great.

4. Nice to hear that

5. Don’t mention it!

6. Thank you for your inspiration!

7. It really surprise, thank you

8. It’s very special thank you brother!

9. You don’t to say that, but thank you very much.

10.I'm glad you think so.

11.Thank you very much for saying so

12.How nice of you to say so

13.It's very good of you to say so

14.I'm glad you think so

15.Thanks for your support

D. Contoh Dialog Giving Congratulating

Dialogue 1

Topic       : Congratulating of Graduation Celebration

Carolina  : Hi, Marta! Congratulations on your graduation celebration! Your dream to have magister of business administration degree has finally come true. I’m very glad to know that.

Marta      : Thanks for your attention Carol! Yeah, I am really happy of this degree.

Carolina  : I am still curious that finally you can finish your college on time. Meanwhile, I am still rearranging my thesis research.

Marta     : So, do I Carol! It’s also still hard to believe it. In the beginning , I found some obstacles in completing my data but because of my thesis advisor always support me to collect the data as soon as possible so I have big spirit to finish it.

Carolina  : That is superior. You have ability to work hard and your thesis advisor always support you to finish it, and finally you realize what your advisor want. This is so exciting. 

Marta     : Come on Carol! Please stop flattering on me. You also have the chance to finish it. Because we still have several weeks before semester vacation.

Carolina  : You are right Marta. Your spirit will become new energy for me to finish this thesis project. Thank you for your support.

Marta      : Don’t mention it Carol. We are best friend forever. Hopefully, you can also finish your thesis as soon as possible.

Carolina   : Thank you Marta. Have a nice day.

Marta      : Have a nice day.

Dialogue 2

Topic     : Congratulating of Birthday

Sisilia   : Happy Birthday, Joan! May the happiness and success always around you today and will be forever.

Joan      : Thank you Sisilia. May all your dreams also come true.

Sisilia   : By the way, what is your planning to celebrate your birthday?

Joan      : There is nothing special Sisilia. If you don’t mind, I will invite you to accompany me to have dinner tonight. Do you mind, Sisilia?

Sisilia   : Of course, I don’t mind Joan. Otherwise, I am so happy of your invitation.  We have become best friend since child. 

Joan      : Thank you Sisilia. You are really my best friend. By the way, we will eat dinner in Marugame Udon on Sudirman street. Do you agree? Or you have another recommendation?

Sisilia   : I am with you Joan. Marugame Udon restaurant is alright. I have several times go there. The place is very comfortable and the service is very good.

Joan      : Alright, Sisilia. It’s deal. I’ll pick you up at 06.15. We will spend 20 minutes to arrive there. 

Sisilia   : Ok, Joan. I will wait your coming to pick me up.

Dialogue 3

Topic     : Congratulating of opening new business 

Pevita    : Good morning (0761-28776). Zero Seven Six One-Two Eight Seven Seven Six. Mandiri Car Dealer. What can I do for you?

Mario     : Hello, Good morning. Can I speak to Pevita please?

Pevita    : This is Pevita herself. Who am I speaking to? 

Mario     : Hello, Pevita. This is Mario your business partner on your previous office. 

Pevita    : Oh, I see. I am happy to hear your voice Mario. How have you been?

Mario     : Like always, Pevita. I’m fine. I’m calling to congratulate you on having your own Car dealer, Pevita!

Pevita    : Thank you very much, Mario!.  It’s only a small car dealer.

Mario     : Don’t be modest, Pevita. It’s  awfully good and amazing! I’m very proud of you. 

Pevita    : Thanks a lot , Mario. You are really care of me.

Mario     : Thank you, Pevita. Anyway, I would like to visit your car dealer because my company ask me to add company cars in order to support business traveling. When is it the best time to do that? 

Pevita    : Today is ok, Mario but  tomorrow will be better. Because today I have an appointment to lead the regular meeting with my staff  in order to know the progress of purchasing and ordering for this month.

Mario     : It sounds great. Today, I have also give presentation about the progress of branch company in front of General Manager of my company.  Well, see you tomorrow, Pevita!

Pevita    : See you. 

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